Gluten Free Snacks Bars
That Are Perfect for Celiacs

Gluten free foods are vital to people suffering from Celiac Disease. However, health professionals suspect that more and more people are sensitive to foods containing gluten, especially wheat gluten.

If gluten free is vital to you or if you simply like avoiding gluten because of digestive problems or a gluten allergy, Taste of Nature bars are perfect for you. All our bars* are gluten–free–tested by the University of Nebraska, to contain less than 10 PPM (parts per million) of gluten.

* Our Niagara Apple Country bar is made with gluten free oats, but regulations do not allow us to make a gluten free claim. These are the only bar that Celiacs may want to use with caution.
















What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:
I recently just purchased a new package of bars at Costco. They are delicious to say the least and they travel very well in our golf bags, no need to worry about melting or falling apart.